Product Catalog

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2. PLASTI-CUT®, SIMONDS®, NICHOLSON® Files, File Brushes, & Handles
3. TRIDON® Laminate Slitters, Scoring Cutters, Shears, Hand Cutters, MICA-NIFE® Laminate Edge Finishers
4. PRACTICAL™ Edgebanding Edge Trimmers, Single-Sided Edge Trimmers, Laminate Edge Finishers, Radzi Edge Trimmers, End Trimmers, Ceramic Tile Cutters
5. Paint and Adhesive Rollers and Frames, Bristle and Foam Brushes, Glue Bottles, Glue Guns, and Glue Sticks
6. Gorilla Glues, Trim-Ease Bit Lubricant, Bostik GlideCote, BladeCote, & Bearing Lubes, Hope’s Perfect Countertop, Perfect Granite, & Countertop Polishes
7. Tool & Bit Cleaner, J-Rollers, Extension Rollers, Seam Rollers, Edge Rollers, Crain Heavy Floor Rollers
8. Spring Clamps, Vacuum Cup Clamps, Sanding Belts and Belt Cleaners, Filament and Masking Tapes, Gorilla Tape, Tempilaq and Tempilstik, Bench Brushes
9. CRAIN Power Tools: Super Jamb Saws, Toe-Kick Saws, Multi-Undercut and Heavy Duty Undercut Saws, Hot Air Heat Guns
10. Tabletop Edgebanders, Plate Joiners, Kaiser Joiner Biscuits, Hand Edgebanding Irons, Hole Saws, Circular Saw Blades
11. Double & Single Suction Cups, Silicone Sealant, Caulking Guns, Crain Knee Pads, Dust Masks
12. Self-Centering Pilot Bits, Shelf Pin Drill Guides, Taper Drills, Drills and Countersinks
13. TRIDON® & ULTRA Brands Jig Saw Blades
14. Accurate Scribes, Stix Tapes, Steel Rule Tapes
15. Router Bits, Trim Bits, Hinge Boring Bits
16. Magnetic Bit Holders, Insert Bits, Quick Chuck Adapters, Power Driver Bits, Magnetic Ring Screw Holders